Incredibly __________ (you figure that out.)

Hello! I’m Maa-Sai. And before you ask, yes, my name really is Maa-sai. Before you begin doubting and making assumptions, feel free to ask me what my real name is. I'm a Nurse, a businessman and much more. I am currently based in Overland Park, Kansas, although I'm originally from Loitokitok, Kenya. I first migrated to Wichita in 2009, then a few years later moved to Kansas City where I once thought the grass was greener (because I love grass too much) and yet here I am, still waiting for it to be greener.

I’m debuting my first travel site while simultaneously taking my first attempt at a blog—so please, bear with me. That is, unless you count posting on Facebook and completing assignments in Desktop Publishing class as blogging, otherwise I'm completely new to this area.

With this blog, I hope to have an outlet for my thoughts and opinions on various things such as politics, investments, travel (you can call me a "placetrotter"; I came up with that word so save yourself the hassle of looking it up), fashion, relationships, sports (Manchester united, Lakers, Seahawks and the Royals are a few of my favorites), personal progress, and other routine antics.

My blog is solely for my personal amusement, and in no way reflects anybody else's opinion (unless they guest write an article). And hey! Maybe you'll find some of it interesting, informative, and entertaining as well. If so, feel free to leave me a comment. If not, well, I welcome those comments too. This is a judgment-free zone.

Now that you understand my purpose, I’ll tell you a little more about myself; a topic I know best. I'm thankful for a childhood that was filled with memories of both good and bad times, although I tend to forget the bad. I grew up yearning to be a writer, and I read everything that had words in it, including obituaries, and I still do so to this day.
I am extremely, and I repeat EXTREMELY curious about everything. My curiosity has led me to discover many new things, meet many different people and work in many different industries. In short; I know something about almost everything, and if you ask me something that I know nothing about, as long my MacBook Air (free advertisement) is running, and there is a free WI-Fi connection, I would be able to give you an answer free of charge. Most of my friends thinks I'm crazy because I look at things in a way you can never imagine, this can be attributed to my unparalleled view of the world; fiery curiosity and passionate opinions.

I also have a varying degree of experience in a wide range of things such as Healthcare, business, coding, web design, painting, acting, photography, law, and construction.

Feel free to check out my other shenanigans via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Although you should be warned: you'll find copious amounts of quotes, photos and overly hash-tagged rants that only the brave dare to follow and comment.

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to leave me some comments down below.



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  • kiunga
  • Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Maa sai I tend to agree with most of what you wrote or said,i can feel you ero. To have unadultered information is one basic means of justifying a good continuity of life and its ending too.

  • TitusGitari
  • Friday, June 5th, 2015

This is a truly great way to start, I love the blog & looking forward to reading more content from you.

  • lucy ndungu
  • Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

May almighty God help you become a writer as you wish ed to be amen

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