Who are we to Judge?

“Be kind to people and don’t judge, for you do not know what demons they carry and what battles they are fighting.” 
― Vashti Quiroz-Vega.
Over the past couple of days, there has been a lot of controversy on Caitlyn Jenner. A copious amount of time has been spent discussing her decision to become who she wishes to be, be it media reports, tweets, or Facebook posts(I came across a Facebook post that stated that all who agree with the notion of Caitlyn as a hero to unfriend the author of the post, luckily he was not my friend because I would not have thought about it).
In all this, I am awed by what we as a people have become. What happened to us respecting others free will no matter how much we disagree? When did we replace God and began performing his duty of judgment? I wonder then what will happen on Judgment Day, as we would have completed all judgment on earth. And more so, did all the sacrifice and the bloodshed by our forefathers who fought hard for our freedom to live and make independent decisions die in vain?
It seems to me that most people would have Caitlyn live an unhappy life rather than have her be happy by being who she wants to be. How sad. What does our attitude towards those whose decisions we disagree with say about our morals, values, and beliefs? We have had banks admit to have engaged in currency manipulation, dictators kill innocent civilians in broad daylight, corrupt leaders loot everything including graveyards, ministers steal from the desperate faithful in the name of God, and so many other evils that nobody seems to care about! But for some reason, everyone is concerned by someone deciding to live according to their own fulfillment and happiness.
 In my opinion, we should always strive to live and let live. What is the point of living if you are not happy? Happiness, to me, is of intrinsic value and I believe that no one's opinion, belief, faith or any other thing should come between a man and his happiness (so long as it is within the law). I find it ironic that, my entire life, I was taught never to judge, but the same people who taught me this are the first in line to judge Caitlyn.
The question of whether Caitlyn is a hero or not should not arise because it opens up all sorts of rendering judgment, and because I still believe that judgment should ultimately be left to Our Creator, I refuse to get absorbed into that discussion. But with that being said, Caitlyn is an inspiration to many for her courage and exercising her free will to be who she pleases to be despite all opposition and accusation she will have to face.
The saddest thing about all this is, instead of us showing love as we have been commanded, we did the opposite and rendered all kind of judgment on her. I thoroughly hope that when all our emotions settle, we will have the opportunity to reexamine ourselves and our faith.

Caitlyn, I personally wish you nothing but the best of luck as you begin your new life.

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