OMG (Ooh My Guy)

A guy, I want,

That fixes fixtures,

Works on cars, can work a stitch,

And most importantly,

Can work me,

Turn me on, off and make me hibernate,


A guy, I need,

That needs to be needed,

Needs to meet my needs,

Needs me to laugh, smile; happy,

Needs to know that I've got everything I need,

In him, with him, all around him,


A guy, I dream about,

A guy, he knows how much of a woman I am,

How much of me he needs in him,

How much of him I need in me,

knows my G-spot,

And still, aiming to find all the other spots,

A guy, A man, An animal,



A guy like him, where can I find?

Is he reading this? Is he looking for a woman like me?

A woman that knows what she wants,

What she needs, what she's looking for?


A guy like him, I will soon find,

Devour, exploit and to me,

Make him belong,

And like everyone else,

He would have known no other like me,

For in me, with him,

We will erase magic, and make it logic,

That him and me will forever be,

A guy, That guy...OMGuy !



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