In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same. ALBERT EISTEIN

              YES! YES! YES! Love has finally won! It has been a long and difficult battle for many people who were subjected to pain and heartache as their love was seen and met with perturbation. Today the Supreme Court ruled that “No longer may this liberty be denied,” all marriages are equal and they should be treated as equal. But it had never occurred to me that this ruling could bring out so much anger and frustration to my fellow Christians. Hozier must have foreseen this when he sang Take Me to Church.

              With this ruling, many people became anxious. As is usual, our defense mechanisms were activated, ready to prove this ruling was unjustified. All our arguments against the ruling can be summarized in one simple sentence “IT’S AGAINST CHRISTIANITY”. Who said that everyone believes in our religion? Who convinced us that our religious beliefs are superior to other people’s beliefs? And more so, why should we put other people’s happiness on the line because it contravenes with what we believe? How selfish, uncaring, and unloving are we?

              I am a moderate Christian; I believe that the way we treat one another and other people surpasses doctrinal issues. I find it hard to defend Christianity, because most of us who claim to it do contradictory to what it teaches us. We have become more of pretenders who the bible equates to murderers. We are so quick to judge anyone who chooses to be different, not to be part of our dogma, or anyone who decides to follow his/her heart in pursuit of happiness. We ignore things that we are guilty of; such as failing to be merciful, to love, to forgive, and to help the needy… but we are quick to judge on things that we are not guilty of   such as being gay, changing our sex, and many others. But as long as we continue to judge those who are different from us, our journey of faith will become a treacherous one.

              Today, Love won. And for all those who were offended by the ruling, I want you to think this one out; think of how sad, empty, confused, angry, and hopeless you feel now only a few days after the ruling was issued, someone has been feeling the same way for decades because we turned our backs to what they believed. Do you think it was fair for them to go through such agony? Do you think it was justified? If NO then we should ask for their forgiveness, embrace them, and love them. At the end of the day they are our brothers and sisters. And if you think it was justified for them to go through such agony, that they could not be as happy as they wished, then I disagree with you.

              What are we afraid of? With the emotion this ruling brought out, you can’t help but think that there is something that we as Christians are really afraid of. We always knew that there were people of the same sex that dearly loved each other. The only thing this ruling has done is to give them the same privilege the heterosexual population enjoys when it comes to marriage. We have become so concerned about them attaining a new freedom that only straight couples had, that we forget to congratulate them.  How does liberating someone pose a danger to us?

              As for me, Today was a great day; every day that love win is a good day. To Jim Obergefell and your late partner, Chris Perry and Sandy Steer, and all other people who fought tirelessly to see this day; Thank you for your commitment to fight for love. It is my hope that one day each one of us will be motivated by you to fight for what we believe in. To Justice Antonin Scalia; it’s not 1964 when hippies existed, we have hipsters now. To all those who can finally come out of closet: Hurray!!!! But you better come out dancing because you finally belong.

             Lastly, I am still waiting to witness the moment in which the pastors who promised to set themselves ablaze if the legalization came to pass keep their promise.





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