Forbidden love

Volumpious lips, delicious words,

So I loose myself somewhere down the road of confusion,

He wants love; crazy self-defined and determined kind of love,

That transcends all humanity has to offer,

And I to want love;

Slow tender obscure love,

But that we can deal with later.


I hush myself…for what we want is impossible,

Unacceptable and a heartfelt problem to be precise,

We can’t overcome this…..,

No! We can’t object to our great grand cultures,

The traditions that have kept us submerged in darkness,

That has dimed the lights that shines the way to our hearts,

We do not lack courage,

 But the Rage of our ancestors is far greater than we can withstand.


I delight in him and him in me

We fascinate each other by everything we do

But still he is worried

Not because I do not reciprocate his love,


But because I insecure him,

And because the society does not agree with us,

No…., not in the way that we want it to,


So we left ourselves wonder on the land of the forbidden intimacy,

But what were we to do?

The agony we persevere,

The criticism we will accommodate,

All for the sake of love; the forbidden love.

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