Light In The Dark

Bright lights in the dark

There are many tiny lights in the dark,

Many insignificant hands that reaches out,

Many tears that are shed by those who we know not of,

Many prayers said on our behalf,

And many answers that we know, but not already.


There are many places that we go,

Many people that receive us,

Feed us and are willing to put up with us,

The many people we do not see,

The same people we criticize,

Judge and propel to failure.


There are many people that speak to us,

Smile at us and laugh with us,

Speak well of us and are kind to us,

People who we never comprehend their words,

Until it’s too late to understand,


There are people, who dine with us,

After us and before us,

People who sit and walk next to us,

Direct our actions and motivate our spirits,

People who we never get to see


There are people, who we become,

Who we enlighten,

Who we uplift,

And who we cast away,

There are all types of people,

People who are split images of us,

People who are the bright lights in the dark


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  • Kiunga
  • Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Kweli laureate maa sai

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