Are you Interested in Politics?

“Politics is the art of choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable” John Kenneth Galbraith

Politics is indeed a dirty game. Only those willing to trounce all moral values emerge victorious. In other words, politics is the only game that rewards people with no morals. I love politics because when all is said and done, it affects every aspect of our lives. Whenever I hear of someone uninterested by politics I wonder if they are aware of how much impact it has in their lives. There is no honest politician, but having an interest in politics enables us to elect the least dishonest from a pool of power hungry bigots who are only interested in enriching themselves. I can assure you if the Kenyan politicians were put in charge of the Sahara desert, there would be a shortage of sand by the end of their terms.

The last few months have been nothing but interesting to those who follow politics due to looming elections in Tanzania, Bailout talks in Greece, Nuclear deal in Iran, Rwanda’s president attempting to run for a third time, Museveni detaining those who want to challenge him, US primaries in top gear, and in my motherland, where politics is a daily thing, the drama is never ending. Sometimes when I think about politicians, I wonder what goes through their heads and where they get the audacity to lie with straight faces. I guess to be a good politician you must have the ability to see everybody else as fools with terrible memory and inability to tell lies from truth.

Here in the US, the Republican primaries are in top gear to see who will challenge the Democratic Party for the white house (the only thing that is white is the walls). But before I continue, I want to state my political affiliation. I am a liberal, so I tend to lean to that which is geared toward equality for all rather than a certain group of people. So when Trump made a public statement that he views Mexican as drug peddlers, criminals, and rapists, I was disgusted. I could not believe that anyone in their right mind could have the nerve to say that, but then again, it is Donald Trump. His statement led to massive fallouts from his business partners and endorsements; not particularly due to his remark, but solely due to the fact that they didn’t want to lose their Mexican customer base and due to political correctness. I personally don’t believe there was any other reason beside finances; if you doubt me look at the polls, he is on the top of the overstretched republican hopefuls, which only says that most people in his party agree with his hideous remarks.

If we shift gears to our motherland, where politics has become part of our daily lives, we meet the likes of Sonko, Waititu (the babayao guy) and the imbecile Moses Kuria, whose mouth runs faster than his brain can think. The kuria guy has been trending for the better part of the last two weeks, and not for good reason. He uttered some inciting words regarding NYS projects, which were recorded on video. Despite this, he has the guts to appear in a media station and deny the video; I hear he has gone to court to bar the media from discussing the same. Every time I hear that he is still roaming the streets, I wonder why we have people in jails, are laws not made for politicians too? Those who elect the likes of Kuria maybe deserve them; after all, the politicians we elect are merely a reflection of ourselves.

As much as I love politics, I only wish to witness two things: One is to get to a point in which we can vote for people who have a genuine interest in putting in place policies and regulations that will transform lives in a positive way (Alfred Mutua, Kudos!), and second is that we can vote for men and women of character and not merely because we belong to the same party or tribe (Meru people, congrats on leading the way)

 Vote wisely next time, my friends.


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