Sweet Desire

Sweet desire

I have fallen, and I don’t want to return,

No exchange, no one else can do,

I need you now and again,

And then later I’ll need you even more,

Can I get inside of you and know you from within?

In the wildest way I’m gone,

No longer in my right mind,


I’m numb, a big lump on my neck,

Tougher to swallow, I don’t want to spit,

Feel the rhythm of my heart,

The gauge of my range,

In proximity to you I’m made,

I’m mad, I’m gone,

No longer in my right mind,


My right to have you,

Can I handle?

Paddle your heart along my way,

No way! You’re a perfect disaster,

Desire, what have we done?

Danger lingers, I’m dammed,

Lost my grip on life,

I’m done,

No longer in my right mind,


 I’m careless,

Less interested in fate,

Destined to make this mistake,

I take it I’m insane,

I can’t judge myself,

I’m mysterious, hysterical,

Terribly tickled by my own indifferences,

I’m unbelievable, it’s crazy,

No longer in my right mind


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  • Friday, August 12th, 2016

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