Kidero Syndrome

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything” Dwight D. Eisenhower

Last weekend marked the highlight of the high profile delegations that we have been receiving this year, and to put icing on the cake; I hear the Pope will be visiting before the end of the year. Even the blind can see there is something special about our country Kenya. No one goes to a place where there is nothing good to be seen, learnt or explored. So whatever it is that’s bringing people to our home, it is a blessing. More so to the tourism industry which has been on life support for all the wrong reasons, now families that depended on the industry can breathe again.

Last weekend, we were privileged enough to host the GE summit, which brings the crème de la crème of the world entrepreneurs, C.E.O’s, owners, and billionaires alike to our beautiful country. Even the prodigal son who happens to be the president of the most powerful nation on earth could not resist joining the bandwagon. With them, they brought opportunities that will translate to businesses, contracts, partnerships, exposure, and jobs that are really needed. For so long, youths have been decrying the lack of opportunities and hopefully they were able to seize the opportunity.

But even with all that was going around no one managed to steal the spotlight more than Evans Kidero but for all the wrong reasons, he became the subject of ridicule, hashtags and jokes that even president Uhuru could not help but join in. Actions speak louder than words, and if Kidero doubted that, he knows it very well now, but he seems to never learn from his blunders. If this is his style of doing things, it’s no wonder Mumias sugar is fighting for its survival, hopefully by the time his term comes to an end our beautiful city won’t be in ICU.

Kidero has very impressive CV but that’s it, when it comes to managerial skills, he has everything not to be desired. You would think that after all those years of being in managerial positions both at home and abroad, he would have learnt a thing or two about planning. First, he had over a year’s notice that the President of the United States would be visiting Nairobi. But even with this long notice, Kidero waited until the last week to start beautifying the city. Kidero, for your information, no grass has ever grown in a week; and if you were so desperate to save face from the US president you could have opted for artificial grass. I now hear you uprooted the grass to plant it correctly using our money, that contractor must be the happiest guy; to be paid to plant the exact same grass twice. Nairobi people, you now know that Kidero is only interested in saving his face, which he is not even good at given the accounts of the past two weeks instead of serving the people who elected him.     

 Kidero leave the homeless alone. They have been there since the day you took office, not once did you show concern about their welfare but all over sudden when Obama is coming you become so  touched by their misfortune and now you are willing to go out of your way to help them.  Unfortunately you proved my doubt right; that it was another one of your very many gimmicks since now you have allowed them to resume their normal life on our street. What happened to the land you said you gave them? At this rate I can conclude two things, either you think all Nairobians are fools that can’t tell a lie from truth or you just don’t give a shit about what we think. For your information, Obama has dealt with more homeless people than you have ever or will ever see in your entire life, so you can’t fool him and make him believe that we don’t have homeless people in Nairobi.

My advice to you, get your act in order, serve the people who elected you, and rid yourself the colonial mentality of worshipping western masters. So next time you decide to plant grass, relocate street families, or kick out hawkers; do it because you want Nairobians to live in a better city, and not because some mzungu or some president is coming, or else your days as the governor of Nairobi are numbered.



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