That Thing....

That thing......

That thing that makes grown men cry, makes people forget their names, that suddenly makes your knees tremble and weak, makes hearts skip beats, makes your speech slurred, makes you discover that your legs are very sketchy since you can sketch the entire map of your village, that’s makes you hate everyone who tries to interfere with it even if it is your own parents and more so; makes you plot the next episode of CSI just by mere thought it might leave you.

Countless crazy things have happened in the name of love, and still somehow it manages to be so appealing to people; no matter how many victims it leaves behind. Personally, I view love as a concoction of fantasy mixed with lust which once you become hooked, there is no going back. It causes common sense, rational thinking, reality and facts to run out of people’s heads faster than they can figure out.

What makes two strangers become so attracted to each other that they are willing to go at any length to be together? Even at the expense of the people they have known their entire life is mind boggling to me. So what is love? This has been a question I have been asking myself for some time now, and I’m still looking for answers. But from the bits of info and response I have gathered it seem there is a universal belief that we are not complete until we meet that special someone who ‘completes’ us. And once we find that person we become complete and our chances of living happily ever after increases dramatically.

The notion that we need someone in our lives to make us complete is the reason that we have so much misery, suffering, hate, deaths, incarceration, shuttered dreams, dead aspiration, jealousy, suffering and  the list is endless. Most Eros end up with one or more of the above when its fantasy and lust fades in the face of reality.

Most of us have been brainwashed by the media, books, movies, and our societies to believe that we are not complete until we fall in love, and that love is a beautiful thing while no one ever cares to tell us that the same love can cause unimaginable pain and suffering. With the half-baked truth about love, most people end up living their entire lives looking for the said love which nobody knows how it looks and feels like, and hence the common line that you will know when you find love.

I would like to say I will never fall in love, but I have learnt never to say never in things that are not very clear and complicated, also because I still want to learn and find out more about love, I intend to keep an open mind which could be difficult if you say never. I know for a fact that I am complete, and I can live a fulfilling life and be as happy as anyone will ever make me be without ever having to fall in love. The idea that I am not complete makes me a slave to the person who owns the missing part and i have no intention of being one. Now thinking about it, maybe that’s the reason people who are in love refer to each other as their better half, which is affirmation that they owe their happiness to each other.

The notion that we owe our happiness to the other person turns people who are in love dependent to each other; because they end up thinking that without the other person they can never be happy. More so, they end up losing their identity since everything that they once held in regards individually becomes the other’s, be it dreams, aspirations , beliefs, principles, likes, desires, and even friends. You end up at the mercy of your partner that he/she will agree with everything you hold in regard.

Until people stop jumping off the bridge because they fell in love, I am going to stay tight on the other end of the bridge no matter how much the people on the other end of the bridge persuade me to take a leap of faith by turning a blind eye to the reality of the things that can be caused by love. But with that being said, I wish all of you who believe that you had to find your missing part to be complete, and you succeeded. To those who are in the process of looking for the missing part, nothing but the very best in your pursuit of happiness.



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  • Unknown unknown
  • Monday, August 10th, 2015

The Bible teaching about love is clear but like you said it unfortunate that love has been mistaken for mixed fantasy and lust with unrealistic conditions which eventually fades. Nice article Maasai.

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