Kiyiya Vuran Insanlik

While the rest of us lounge on our couches flipping the TV channels, wondering what to watch amongst all the many options, or as we pick up the phone to call the pizza place, or some other eatery that delivers food in the comfort of our air controlled homes with little to worry about, there are millions of people somewhere in the world trying to board rafts or forcibly board trains, trying to reach some place where they can be safe and start rebuilding their lives again due to a conflict that they had nothing to do with.


This week, there was a picture of a small boy laying facedown dead on a beach, making the rounds on the Internet and media. The boy in the photograph met his fate after the boat he and his parents had boarded hoping to reach Europe capsized in the sea and his body washed up on the beach. For days I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around that image; it’s heartbreaking to think of the pain the mother and the father underwent when the boat capsized and they knew they would never see each other again. Luckily, the father survived and you can imagine the pain he will have to endure after loosing his entire family to the sea, while doing what any loving father would do to protect and provide for his family after being left with no other option.


What breaks my heart more is the fact that hundreds of people continue to die in the sea, land, and refugee camps, while nothing much seems to be happening to solve the crisis. Governments in the middle of crisis keep saying they have the situation under control (hopefully they don’t consider building fences, halting train services, and deploying thousands of security personnel to turn the migrants back as being in control), while the rest of us continue to sing hallelujah, reciting Koran, and praying for them as they continue to die at sea. No one seems to care so much about them, and the religious organizations seem to have failed again by not stepping up pressure to governments in the middle of this crisis to change their position and stop the mass suffering and deaths of innocent people.


This is the reason I am very skeptical of religion and the role it plays in our lives. The only role that religion seems to have mastered perfectly is the one that causes so much trauma and suffering in people who believe in them. Most migrants are as a result of failed Arab uprising, which was orchestrated by NGO’s and regimes with a different view in regards to religion, which viewed sharia law as oppressive and draconian. And in the process of trying to liberate them from sharia law, they ended up destabilizing the whole region, creating the worst humanitarian crisis that has lead to unimaginable pain and suffering of innocent people both young and old.


After failing to liberate the region from the oppression of sharia law that we can now agree played a great role in keeping those countries stable, the masterminds, together with citizens of their countries left citing safety concerns, with little regards about the safety of the entire population they left at the mercy of militia groups and weakened governments which didn’t have the capacity to run a country. Now, millions of people struggle each day to remain alive, despite how hopeless the situation remains, and as you would expect, the people who contributed to the misery don’t show them mercy when they show up at their shores.


To summarize this, I want you to take a minute the next time you flip through the channels or browse the internet and stumble upon a story or an image, or worse, when you are taking a stroll in the beach and see a dead body that has been washed up to the shore, take heed before you try to justify your religious beliefs as the right one.  Christianity went to the middle east to liberate them from Islam (sharia law) and when it backfired they left, the militia turned to those they viewed as being weak in their faith in Islam and started killing them in the name of religion. When they escaped to the shores of Christianity for safety, they were met with police, fences, or angry Christians who instead of showing love, turned their backs on them and told them they are not welcomed, that they should go back to where they came from. We all know what awaits them if they dare go back.




May the soul of the departed ones rest in peace.

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