Dear Ben Carson

Dear Ben Carson,


I sure do hope you find the time and opportunity to read this letter. But even if you don’t, I surely do hope in some way or another the words in my letter will find their way to your heart. Before I set out to really say what I intend to pass on to you, I would like to say thank you for your service to mankind which you achieved by the use of your expertise and knowledge in matters concerning health, and in particular, in the field of pediatrics. Or in short, thanks to your gifted hands as you depicted them in your earlier book.


Not so long ago I was a young boy and I was always looking for all kinds of heroes or role models that I could look up to as I go through life. For the longest time, I had lots of role models of my own race in all kinds of fields, be it political, leadership position, religious leaders, activists, freedom fighters, and others, but what I was truly missing was the same kind of a role model who I could look to when it came to academia. Not to say that there were non-educated black men and women, but none had achieved anything out of this world or unimaginable.


But as the good Lord would have it, you came to the limelight after your successful operation. With that you brought a different kind of hope with your achievement in the field of academia, particularly medicine. For once I stopped having the sky as my limit because I was convinced there was no limit to what I could achieve as much as I could imagine and dream. Your book-Gifted Hands become our favorite book- my friends and I re-read your book, which we had one copy of, as many times as we could. To us, you were the light at the end of the tunnel; for once we believed we could become anything we dared to dream of; for once all our daily struggles stopped becoming impediments to what we could dream. You became our hero and because of that, most of us have achieved more than we could ever dream or imagine of ourselves. Thanks to you.


The issue that forces me to write this letter now is the fact that I feel let down by my hero. Since you decided to run for the highest office of this great nation, another side of you is beginning to emerge and I am not falling for it. I find it hard to believe you are the same guy who swept the world off its feet with your charisma, wisdom, brilliance, skills, and humility. I am not ignorant of the fact that politics is a dirty game, and for anyone to emerge a victor you must play by the rules. But the idea that you could be sucked to such ugly tactics is disturbing to the core. You have stopped sounding like the intelligent Ben we all once knew and admired and you have evolved to a Carson who seems out of touch with his own race, delusional, hypocritical, bigoted, and vexing.


The question I still wrestle with is WHY?? Is it worth it to tarnish your image and name for the sake of being president, that I doubt you even have a shot at, or raising money for your campaign? Personally, I think you have already achieved more than you can ever achieve by being a president. You had offered unmatched hope to millions of black people across the globe that no dream was too big to achieve, but now you are single handedly eroding that hope that kept all those people hopeful with each day you continue campaigning for president.


As much as I want to wish you all the best in your run for presidency, it is with the same wish I hope that you will go back to being the Dr. Ben we all once knew. At the moment, you are edging on becoming Ben the politician. And with all due respect, there is little to be admired for in politicians.


Good Luck Ben

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