"Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live" Dorothy Thompson

When did we become so afraid? What made us so scared to speak our minds freely? We live in a world where injustice and evil have become part of us and it’s saddening at times like this when our voices can make a difference between life and death, but we have chosen to be mute for fear of being wrong or being branded names along with others who decide to voice their opinion about situation and things they don’t agree with.


Each one of us has ideas, opinions, and suggestions, which can change the world, but we choose to go through life stuck in silence because we are afraid to say something wrong. It’s obvious we are all aware of the ills that we witness on a daily basis and all of us have ideas and suggestions that can help remedy the situation, be it political, religious, or social. But if no one ever hears our opinion and condemnation, how on earth will we ever change the world and make it a better place?


So as long as I have a heart that is loud as thunder and a brain that still is functioning, I refuse to be tamed. I refuse to find shame and need to be always right in raising my voice and opinion on ills that we live with. If my truth is forbidden, then I am going to break all the rules because I refuse to remain in the shadows. I intend to continue to speak freely on all issues and in no way do I expect everyone to agree with me because we might differ on issues.


It’s up to you and me to change the world, and if we don’t demand that its our turn for our voices to get the airplay, then no one is going to hand it to us. In very unique ways we are all the light in the end of the tunnel for all the challenges that faces us. It’s high time we stop being so fearful and find our voices and continue raising them till they run dry or the situation changes, if we want to leave a safe world when we finally depart.

Don’t be afraid to join me in raising our voices on issues that matter, and we will make sure we will be remembered, because we all matter.



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