Hookers and Coke

For the last couple of days, this one guy has been the subject of interest in the news, twitter, blogs, and Facebook. It’s not because he won another NBA champion ring or because he got signed by another NBA team for a massive contract, or even because he released another reality TV episode. Rather, it’s because he made a decision that almost cost him his life. I am still mystified by his quick recovery, but at the same time trying to figure out what to attribute it to because it was either miraculous or it was because he heard his ex-wife will be making his medical decisions, which by itself will wake any man even from death.


I guess some people are luckier than others, and this reminded me of the book “Animal Farm”, popularly known as  “Shamba la Wanyama”, where the author makes the sentiment that all animals are not equal and that some are better than others. Lamar spent 75,000 dollars for a couple of days to have a good time, while in this same world some parents lost their children because they could not afford to feed them. I keep wondering, where do preachers get the audacity to tell such parents that their creator loves and cares for them the same way he cares about Lamar? But that is a discussion for another day.


In the history of humanity, millions and millions of people have done everything to save their failing marriages, and while some have been successful, many others have fallen short of success. Millions of hours and dollars are spent on research to come up with ways to save marriages, and in that effort they have come up with lots of ways to do just that from counseling to rehabilitation. But today, I want to propose a toast for Lamar for having made history as the first man to save his marriage by HOOKERS AND COKE. You heard me right, Lamar Odom has written his name in history for saving his marriage using unconventional method.Where he got that idea i don't  know but i am hopeful one day he will share it with us.


For all those out there who are working tirelessly, trying to save their failing marriages or relationships, lose no hope. If the conventional methods that you have been advised to try are not working, maybe it’s time for you to think outside the said method and come up with a new method. Not that I advocate for hookers and coke, unless you are married to Kardashians, but you can surprise us with a less expensive way, because not all of us can afford to spend 75k on hookers and coke just to save a marriage.





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