Are We Fools??

In one of the Ngugi wa Thiongo famous books called, The River Between, there is a passage that goes like this: ”Why! Are we fools?’ She shook Nyambura. Father and mother are circumcised. Are they not Christian? Circumcision did not stop them from being Christians. I too have embraced the white man’s faith. However, I know it is beautiful, oh so beautiful to be initiated into womanhood. You learn the way of your tribe. Yes, the white man’s God does not quite satisfy me. I want, I need something more. My life and your life are here in the hills, that you and I know’.”


Every time I read that passage, I can’t help but lament the same way Muthoni did in that passage in wondering, ARE WE FOOLS? Or are we just dumb, blind, and ignorant of many facts that have infested the religion we inherited from the white man. The same religion that he used to kill, steals, and colonize us both physically and mentally. If there is any other time in the history of our country that religion has been taken out of context, it is now. Now we have our very own non-white brothers and sisters who use the same religion to fleece, steal, and even kill their brothers who are frightened by the idea of hell.


Some people argue that not all people who spread religion are rogue, but the idea that the good ones decide to keep quiet, watch, and do nothing makes them more dangerous than the bad ones.  As Edmund Burke puts it, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. It is so sad that we have a country where people do unspeakable evil things and instead of action taken against them, we are told to pray for them. We have become a big church where we don’t condemn, punish, or take action but pray for everything even for the things that we ourselves can change.


As the saying goes, “whoever leaves his culture becomes a slave.” explains all the madness and never ending horrifying tales that happen in the name of religion in our country, from members to some church pastors who purport to sack demons from member’s breast, fake miracles, racy text messages in prayer cells (I wonder if they call them “cells” because in essence, that is how religion has confined them in fear and forced hope), extra-marital affairs and the list is endless. All this can be attributed to the fact that we embraced a religion that was never meant for us while at the same time regarding our ancient way of life and believes as outdated and out of touch.  


The only way we can figure out and be able to deal with the spiritual mess we found ourselves in, is by first taking a step back and deeply examing what we believe in and if we are doing it the right way. Secondly, I am hopeful that both men and women who believe and follow the white man’s religion will rise up and speak against all the evil committed by those who use it to their own advantage instead of praying because it is clear that prayers are not working. And for those who don’t find satisfaction in it need to also rise up and stand to be counted as people who fought against all evil despite what was used as justification to commit such evil.

Have a wonderful spiritual journey



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