Dear Mr. President,

Dear Mr, President,


It’s not often that we the people, and in this case I particularly as a patriotic citizen of my beloved country, dare write to you a letter. If history serves me right, in the past, anyone who dared think, leave alone attempted to do what I am doing right now, their fate can only be whispered as luck was not on their side. As Nathuram Vinayak Godse once said An individual is never greater than a nation, Nana. But Gandhi has started considering himself greater than the nation.” And I guess we have reached a point where some people have become worse than Gandhi and it’s time we stop them. We count on you, President, to stop them.


As a citizen of good will and intention, I continue to lament and plead with you to carry out the mandate that we gave you, and it seems you have decided to turn your back against us. But I can assure you that no amount of you ignoring us will stop me and other citizens of goodwill barking at you until you take action. It disturbs my mind that you have decided to ignore the people who gave you the job as cabinet secretaries together with their men milk us dry. I am wondering what melody is being played with the 200k piano she bought with our hard-earned money (hopefully its not Dolly mac “I am a bad bitch”) or is she watching “Empire” on our 1.7 million TV.


I together with many other Kenyans who love this country dearly and who after considering your candidature decided to give you a job , we demand that you start fulfilling the mandate that we gave you by taking care of our resources, security, and by taking stern action against those who have decided to embezzle our funds, Always remember we will hold you accountable for the action of your team. As your employer, I demand that you fire Waiguru, because failure to do so will set a bad precedence for all the other people you have mandated to act on your behalf.


But nothing is written on a stone, so the mandate we gave you for five years is not necessary fixed. You can either act and save your contract or else at some point, our patience will run out and we might decide to do away with your contract before your term is over. But in case that doesn’t happen, we will wait two more years and you can be assured we won’t hire you again or any of your cronies.


Take heed when it’s not too late and leave a positive legacy.




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  • odongo wuod killi majamaguti
  • Thursday, November 12th, 2015

lound n clear report..if he(ouru)has ears,let him hear..if not,the kitchen will get too hot for him until we terminate his contract before 2017.

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