There is nothing better than going on a date, be it dinner, drinks, or any other kind of date with your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, sponsor, family, acquaintances, or any other person for that matter. There is something that’s feels special to go out on a date rather than being in the comfort of our premises. Maybe it’s the change of being somewhere different, or maybe it’s the fact that you can both relax without having to worry about all the logistics that might be involved in hosting someone.

As much as dating can be interesting, it also comes with its set of rules of do’s and don’ts, compliance with the said rules goes a long way in determining how successful the date might be. Be it showing up in time and not keeping the other party waiting for you, be it picking up the bill/check once in a while, be it drinking responsibility, so you don’t end up turning your date into a babysitter who has to drag your drunk ass home, or having to spend the following day cleaning up your mess because you threw up in his/her car, or his house, or so many other ills which people have had to put up with they took someone out who has no control when it comes to drinking responsibly.

But what I am interested in venting about today has to do with money, and you can blame me for loving money. This has to do with certain types of people (again, I say “certain”) who have a tendency of not carrying or not willing to spend their money when you invite or take them for a date. They never forget to carry their ID, phones lipstick or any other accessories and paraphernalia that people carry when going for a date. If wishes were horses, I would surely wish when they order that expensive wine, liquor which they have never tried before, instead of being asked for ID, they should be asking them if they can pay for it themselves.

The reason I am raising this issue is because I have been on many dates in my life, and over the years I have noticed that there are some peeps who when I go to pick them up(I prefer to drive so incase anything goes wrong I can always leave) so we can either go to a movie, dinner, drinks or some other dates; they come out of their houses carrying only their ID and phones. How do I know those are the only things they carry? Because at some point, I end up carrying them. I have no problem picking up the check because my dad taught me to always take care of ladies, but with that being the case it would be reassuring if you carry some money.

I honestly believe that just because someone promises to take you out, there is nothing absolutely wrong with you carrying some money, because things don’t always goes as planned. My card could get declined and I would expect you to be my backup, or we might have a disagreement and you might want to settle your tab before walking out, or be able to call a cab to take you home, or even as gesture that I should not worry because I will know I have a backup plan if anything unexpected occurs. I have rescued a lot of people who went on a date without money and there is nothing pretty about the whole thing. There is nothing worse than being held hostage or having to keep a straight face on a date that totally sucks because you decided to leave your money at home and you cant just walk out because you wont be able to settle your tab.

Next time you find yourself on a date, make sure you have money with you. You’re better off having it and not spending it. MONEY OFFERS FREEDOM.



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