Chapati Movement

The Chapati movement.


Something good happened over the weekend and it deserves to be celebrated and credit given where it is due. Before I go any further, I want to congratulate Dennis Itumbi for what he organized, even though I don’t agree with him on many other occasions, this time, kudos to you for your kindness to the less fortunate. Only a man with a compassionate heart who has been given all the privileges you enjoy will think about bringing smiles to the faces of those whose lives haven’t been nice to them.


It’s small actions of kindness towards each other that can change a nation. The Chapati movement has taken the lead and it’s a challenge to each one of us to extend our kindness toward our neighbors, friends, and enemies alike so as to lift each other up. Only when every one of us feels they belong, despite their status and class, that we will all live in harmony and peace. Instead of us waiting or complaining about the government, we can take the lead, and I am sure with time the government will follow through and do its portion. I am still optimistic and I dream of a day where all of us will spread kindness like wild fire.


To the haters who look for negativity in every act, please let this one go. It’s a start and we should encourage and not discourage those willing to extend their kindness to others. Whatever their motives might be, those 4000 street kids had a good day and they managed to smile, despite the hardship they are faced with, and that’s a worthy thing. To the media, it was sad to see that you decided to report the story in a negative light. We all know you are in the business of spreading negativity, but that being the case, when it comes to the public good, I think you should reconsider your strategy. After all, we all belong here.


Once again, kudos to Dennis and all who took the time and effort to do something for others, knowing very well they will not get anything in return, but seeing those helpless kid smile was enough payback. The ball has been kicked and is upon each one of us to do our part, despite how small and meaningful it seems to us. Kindness and happiness are contagious and a nation that is happy can overcome anything, including those who embezzle funds to help the needy.



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