Give Us A Break

Yesterday I found myself in a KBS bus heading to town from the place where I live. I have noticed every time I decide to ditch my transport and use public transportation instead, I always end up getting fascinated by the other passengers on the bus for a variety of reason. Particularly, I love KBS (Kenya Bus Service), as they are just what public transport is supposed to be. They are simple, there’s no music, and employees are professional and have great customer service compared to other busses.

So yesterday, as I boarded the bus, everything was normal. As usual, about a third of the passengers were sleeping and I kept wondering what they do at night as they can’t stay awake. Another third had their eyes fixated on their phones, and only God knows what they were looking at. The other third were on their phones keeping in touch with their wives who have found out that they are not the only ones enjoying the ice-cream, others their friends, pastor, parent and anybody else they care about. While others are just thinking as you can see the looks in their faces that depicts troubled men and women figuring how to survive in this jungle.

With all that taking place, the last thing everyone wanted was someone to interrupt whatever they are doing, be it thinking, sleeping, watching porn, or even calling their sponsors. But as wishes are not horses, this lady boards the bus and instead of her taking the seat and doing whatever rocks her boat when she is on public transportation, without any warning she starts praying at the top of her voice. Apparently, she was one of those preachers who goes from car to car collecting money in the name of religion.

 What disturbs me most is not how she gets her money, but the way she can be so inconsiderate to just start shouting without alerting people who were on the phone, sleeping, or otherwise lost in their thoughts. Does she not know that to most people, this is the only chance they get to be at peace with their inner self? How does she just assume people were just waiting for her, or why does she think everyone subscribes to her religion or even care about what she has to say? What happened to being considerate of other people? I think this city being as diverse as it can get, it’s very inconsiderate to assume we all believe or think the same way.

I keep thinking the reason so much money has been spent to build all the churches, mosques, temples, shrines, and so on is to enable various people to go there when they are in need of some divine intervention. My biggest fight is with Christians who seem to have this view that their religion is supreme and everybody has to hear it, whether they like it or not. Picture a scenario if one day you board a bus and find a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and an atheist all trying to scream out their lungs telling you how good their religion is? I personally think it is immoral for any person, no matter what their religion is, to storm a public place, PSV’s, or a public gathering, and start shouting about their religion.

To the owners of those PSV’s, I think it’s inconsiderate to your customers to allow this kind of activity to be carried out in your vehicles. To those who have already banned this kind of activity, thank you. To the preachers, give us a break, we are already dealing with too much for you, plus we know where churches are and we will go when we need to get in-touch with our God.



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  • Enrique Gitari
  • Friday, April 1st, 2016

I love reading your articles Maasai, they never cease to amaze. Keeps me coming back for more each time and always eagerly waiting on the next one. This one especially made me reminisce on my early childhood memories, mother would take us up country and this guy would always surprisingly jump in the PSV and start preaching loudly without any invitation or announcement like it was protocol.
Great article.

  • Moses
  • Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

Very true. Nowadays preaching is a form of business and true what you said if we want God we know where to get him

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