I Refuse To Pray

             What a fucked up world we live in. When the time comes to narrate our lives to future generations about how fucked up our time was, they will think it was a movie. The things that happen nowadays from Africa to the Americas require a lot of courage to comprehend. It has gotten so much worse that literally, sometimes you are afraid to turn your TV on or scroll through your Facebook timeline because you are not sure what you will find waiting for you. It is so bad, that I have to prepare mentally to open my Facebook feed because I am certain that I will end up encountering stuff that makes my heart stop or skip a beat.

            From the lunatics like Kurias, Trump, and their likes, who spread bigotry as part of their daily lives, to a bunch of trigger happy idiots who have turned killing others for the craziest reasons part of their everyday lives. The world has become very unsafe; there is so much vile that is threatening to shake humanity at its core. It feels like finally evil people have triumphed over good people, and the good people have succumbed to fear, and most of us have become bystanders in the face of evil. There are too many people spreading bigotry, fear, and hate publicly, and no one seem to be courageous enough to stand up and call them off.


           Condolences have become the order of the day. When evil triumphs instead of us taking action, both those who are in power and those who don’t hold such power compete to see who will give a press briefing first or who will be first to post a consolatory message on social media instead of us taking action to overcome evil. When the ones with power are so scared to take action, it leaves the rest of us with prayers and no wonder prayers have become the best action to take when nasty stuff happens.


           I am tired of hearing “let’s remember them in our prayers”, “let’s pray for the victims”, holding another vigil, or worse, signing another petition which will most likely go nowhere. What happened to us facing our challenges and not hiding in things that won’t solve them? How does praying stop evil people? How does praying stop hate? How does praying give a widow back her husband, or more so, replace the dad who was robbed from his kids by a lunatic we were too politically correct to point out. I have no issue with praying, but I guess it’s time to back up our prayers with concrete action by standing up to evil, no matter which form it present itself in order to stop the madness.



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