Fat Tuesday Or Terrific Tuesday

It's on a Tuesday afternoon, one of those days you feel like you just want to have a drink all by yourself; So that you can drown all your sorrows, trouble and tribulation without disturbance. Plus it being around five o’clock I am not willing to spend hours queuing just to board a bus to take me home to sleep. I’ve always wondered, why do people queue for hours just to end up spending more hours stuck in traffic just to get home? I am sure so many good things can be achieved by spending that time doing something more productive; like working on your dreams and passion after spending the entire day working on someone else's dreams and goals in exchange for money. But that's a story for another day.


As I drown my sorrows while catching up with the rest of world on the Internet and checking out what has been trending all day, something else caught my attention. At the far end, by the corner, there was a young girl who looked like she was barely out of her teens smoking shisha all by herself. For a minute I could not stop thinking that she could be my very own sister, whom we had sacrificed everything to send her to Nairobi so she can build a better life for herself, and now she was hell bent on destroying it. I could not help asking myself if she really knew how harmful shisha was to her health? Or she just didn’t give a hoot about her health or the people who cared deeply for her, and all that mattered to her was that she was up to trend.


 As all these questions and answers kept my neuron firing, I decided it wouldn't hurt to know her story and some little company wouldn't hurt after all. So I abandoned my sorrows and headed to her table, she was kind enough in that she accepted my request to join her. After a little introduction and icebreaker I got down to the real issue that had brought me to her table. We got talking about shisha and she honestly told me that she started doing it after learning that all her friends were doing it, and that she had never bothered to do some research to find out about the benefits and side effects of smoking shisha. I told her I wont spoil her shisha party but she should take some time to learn about it.


So as we chatted about other things I asked her how come she was all by herself? Don’t you have friends or you just enjoy your own company? She replied,  "in fact I had come to get pizza but the queue was too long and so I decided to have shisha as I wait for it to reduce". "Why would there be long lines for pizza?" I asked. She gave me this gaze as if I had dropped out of the moon and she didn't need to say a word for me to figure it out. It was Tuesday and every Tuesday is Terrific Tuesday where you buy one pizza and get one free. I still don’t understand why anyone would eat two pizzas as if it was the healthiest thing in the world. For once I felt sorry for her and her body as she explained how good of a deal that was and how pizza was her favorite meal.


They do call it terrific Tuesday. Not because of the good thing pizza will do to your health, but for the many terrific unhealthy things pizza will do to you from weight gain and other terrible conditions that are in love with weight gain such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and many more.

What is the mandate of the ministry of health? Do they just sit down and watch as the whole country plunges into a health crisis. It is always cheaper to prevent than dealing with the consequences. Why is no one at the ministry teaching and educating the masses about the dangers of smoking, junk food, drugs and all the other unhealthy choices we make everyday due to lack of information or just sheer ignorance? Next time as you indulge yourself in terrific Tuesday do me a favor and call it fat Tuesday, it might end up saving your ass because it is a matter of time before you collapse under your own weight or worse your arteries getting clogged by fat.



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