Safaricom Screw Us Slowly


Have you ever been screwed up by things, that it leaves you staring at things hoping to find answers? Like for instance; have you ever stared so long at a tree that you finally observe a leaf break loose from the jaws of a branch, and freely falls in the ground? But then you realize that it doesn’t fall so far from the tree. It leaves you wondering; would the leaf be better of hooked at the branch than being in the ground where there is possibility a lot of things can happen to it? Better still; At night when you feel like you cannot take it anymore, and sleep becomes your in-law, and all you can do is to stare at the ceiling through the mosquito net hoping you might spot answers to your misery only to be interrupted by the sound of a mosquito baying for your blood; Then you realize maybe it’s your fate to be screwed by animals, companies, government, spouse, lover, employer and by the demons you harbor within yourself.


Two weeks ago I find myself in the same spot. Life was screwing me so fast it didn’t seem like I could ever catch a break from all the duping; but somehow I made it. As usual it was Safaricom, I am guessing I feel so abused than most people who are used to Safaricom abuse since they have endured it longer. I went to a Safaricom agent to deposit a sizeable amount of money to my phone so I could use it to pay for bills at my convenience. But as everything is not what it seems to be, my urge for convenience turned out to be a nightmare. The agent, while keying in my number made a mistake and as fate would have it, the money went to an unintended recipient. We realized immediately and contacted Safaricom for a reversal and we got a confirmation they were working on it.


One minute, two minutes, three minutes gone and we had not received the refund as promised by Safaricom. We decided to call customer service and find out why there was a delay in reversing the funds. As fate would have it again they didn’t pick up their phones, we were kept waiting as if we owned time. So as desperation kicked in I called my friend. You know the kind that knows someone in almost every sector. He called his buddy at Safaricom and he was given a number that would go direct to the customer service agents. Seconds later we dial the number and as he had promised it went straight to customer service. This is point where the reality of how screwed up I was started dawning on me. I was informed that it was too late and the guy who received the money had already withdrawn it and my only option was to go to the police (as if I had given them money) and hope they can help me recover the money. How soothing that was to my ears is another story all by itself as now I had lost the money and I was now facing the possibility of loosing time.


What followed was the innumerable calls I made to Safaricom like a jilted lover who refuses to accept the end of her/his amour. All the calls did was to add salt to an injury as no single agent I talked to gave me the same info, you would think they all worked for different companies. In short Safaricom had screwed me up due to their inefficiency and they did not care about it either. Talk of customer care service! Like many others I had become a victim of Safaricom and I discovered very fast that they had zero remorse about my loss as if I had plucked the money from trees. As I was coming to terms with that fact, I made myself a promise that I will not go down on Safaricom without saying a word. Even though I know I wont be the first or the last to complain or write about them. But if we keep adding drops to the Safaricom Sea of complain it wont take long before its stinks and start sipping in their ritzy offices and hopefully someone then will take some action.


On the same weekend I decided to take a break from all the madness and took a trip to shags to heal my wounds in peace. But as the leaf that frees itself from the branch only to end up below the same branch, I found myself again under the spell of Safaricom. This time through their roaming charges which are out of this world. How does a phone call in Loitokitok cost 4 bob a minute and after I take a 10 minute walk the same phone call cost 60 bob a minute. So since I hadn’t gotten off being screwed by them earlier in the week I tweeted Safaricom-care (really they do care) to inquire about the roaming charges and the reply I got from them did sent me to my resting place among the chumps who have accepted and moved on. Their reply went like this “ Thank you for sharing this. It will help us serve you better”. As little faith as I have for them now I am still hopeful that one day after they have screwed enough of us, and they have no power to screw any more people they will finally serve us better as an apology for all abuses we endured.




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  • Fatma
  • Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

It is very true as per now my line isnt working...It cannot go through internet cannot buy me data bundles...They are telling me sorry the service is not available surely what is happening to safaricom...It isnt a human being u quarell to get service for ur money...U cannot arrest safaricom...u cannot sue them u cant see safaricom to slap it...I do not know what to do with unseen robbers and again robbery with violence...I hate safaricom.

  • Pole bro. Something similar...
  • Thursday, August 11th, 2016


  • James
  • Saturday, August 13th, 2016

Pole, that is how i lost 17k

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