Throw Back Thursday

Today is Thursday. Our screen will be awash with photos of people rekindling a moment or a time in the past.

 Throw back Thursday aka TBT is a day that the world allows us to remember a moment or a time in the past. What will be missing in all those snaps are the stories. Every picture is worth a story. Stories can either be touching, uplifting, provocative, inspiring, informative or at best entertaining.


One thing I long for as I scroll my timeline looking at those TBT moments is a story. As you may not be aware "After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Philip Pullman.


As I post my TBT today I will accompany it with the story about that moment in time. As the saying goes “ we have to be the change we desire to see.”


My TBT photo was taken in 2010. Five years ago in Arkansas by a stranger I met in a public park. The car in that pic was a rental car that my insurance company had provided me after being in a car wreck the previous day while leaving work.


How did I end up in Arkansas? It was my off day at LCCA where I worked graveyard shift as a CNA. That was the most tiresome job I have ever engaged in. 


The American dream at that very day had deflated almost all the life I had in me. Being my off day with my brain cells dying faster than normal due to stress, brain on override, and rental car in hand ;I decided to go for a drive in such of a break that I needed badly. I would not have dared using my wrecked car for such an adventure because it was junk bleeding its last day in the road. When everyone viewed the wreck as tragedy to me it was a blessing; it meant the gods had saved me from being carless for a long time.


After hours of driving I found myself in Arkansas. Without a clue as to where I was. I headed to a public park and sat on the bench staring at anything that caught my attention. An hour or so on that park bench I decided to go find something to eat (nothing offers relief to a stressed mind than food). As I was aimlessly driving through town looking for something to eat I saw a Mexican restaurant and without a second thought headed straight there.

Once inside the restaurant I ordered a drink and since I could not understand the menu because it was written in Spanish, which at time I didn't comprehend a beef burrito is what I ordered, merely because I knew it would contain meat. The burrito didn't disappoint at all and for that fact the number of burritos I have consumed over the years are uncountable.  


After feasting at the Mexican place I started the long journey back home, on the way I thought about the way forward, where my life was headed and at time poured my lungs out singing the song that was playing in the car stereo.


Did I find the break that I needed? Yes to some degree because by the time I got home I had. With a clear mind I was able to make some adjustment and decisions that has made a huge difference in my life. As days went by my almost deflated life started filling up again and life has never been the same again.



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