You Cant Afford To Get Sick

For the last two days I have gotten really close to whatever decide my fate. Not willingly though but because I could not afford to get sick in a country where doctors and nurses who take care of ordinary people have decided not to show up to provide care. Reason being the money is not good enough to save peasants from misery. Either the government agrees to pay more or the peasants can learn how to live with their misery. You can be mistaken to think only medical personnel are on strike but it seem the government too has abdicated its duty of protecting lives. They are acting like nothing is going on while poor people continue to die while other have to content living with excruciating pain.


But as gods would have it or rather fate, from nowhere this guys walks in my shop and tells me he is selling fruits. I get curious as this guy is only carrying a backpack. I ask him what kind of fruits are you selling? He responds "kiwi" I tell him the only kiwi I know of is the shoe polish and people from New Zealand. 


He gives me that look sales people give when they figure out their next victim is as gullible as me; to him I am his jackpot. He goes ahead telling me that this fruit is called "kiwi" and it has the power to take all my worries away as it helps with fighting diseases .He goes on mentioning the diseases one by one but as with all natural products sales people he winds up by saying it helps in preventing cancer and also aides in kuongeza nguvu za kiume. With that I am finished as I see an opportunity to defeat Wanganga from Tanga with a fruit. As I write this I am 200 shilling poorer, while all I am left with is hope and kiwis.


I am going to eat the Kiwis and hope that I will not fall sick. All we have now is more hope. As others live on hope and prayer, me being me all I have is double hope. That one I will not get sick, two I am hopeful I will get load of compliment after my next session. Don’t we all deserve that if we double our energy? But that is a story for another day.


We all know doctors and nurses. They are our parents, siblings, cousin, friends or just strangers we met today. As much as I sympathize with them and I want them to get every penny they deserve, I have to plead with them .I know the reason they went to medical school is bigger than any money they will never earn. Have mercy on us ordinary people, don't let us stare at death any longer while you fight with government .Are you really going to let us all die in the name of dialogue .Who will you care for when we are all dead? Lets us be real this government wont lose sleep because a poor folk died.




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  • Muindi Kimanzi
  • Friday, December 9th, 2016

Lets us be real this government wont lose sleep because a poor folk died.

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