It is raining cats and dogs. I am drenched in rain as I run toward airport terminal. As I enter through the revolving doors, I see an older lady sitting on those hard cold airport chairs defeated by life. She has a flat affect despite Christmas carol playing in the background. She is jealous of the other mothers hugging their babies as they troop in, knowing very well she will never get to have that moment with her baby. She is jealous of the rain that has fallen in my skin, because it’s closer to my skin than she will ever be to her baby. She sacrificed everything to send her baby away to have a comfortable life; hoping one day at this very airport she will hug him/her again. But today, all she is waiting for is what remains of her baby. She is jealous of angels of death, who have her baby while she tries to remain hopeful silently thinking to herself; is her baby happy, happy without her?


We are all jealous of the nights, nights that we will have to endure without your presence. Laughter, which will have to content to live without. Wise counsel that we will have to seek elsewhere. We are jealous of the moon, because its closer to us than you will ever be. How we wish we could trade your place with the moon, at least that way we can get to enjoy your presence once in a while. We are jealous of death vultures, which gets to enjoy all the moments that we took for granted. We are jealous of your new home where your soul has found peace; it will never understand how your presence gave us comfort. We are jealous of the wind, while silently thinking are you happy, happy without us?


We need some distraction. As memories seep through our veins, all we can do is to wish your souls found peace. We are watching all of you sink in the sand, while dearly holding on to live another day, hoping we will find some peace tonight. We are all crying behind our smiles knowing very well we would sacrifices everything for one more minutes, one more minute to at least tell you how much we loved you. We are jealous of the love; love which now has gone to someone else to share. We are jealous of the wind while silently thinking to our self are you happy, happy without us?


For the departed souls, as you fly away from this dark cold world, may you find peace.


For all those who have lost their loved one, may you find strength to overcome the loss.

Happy holidays, don’t forget to enjoy every moment with people you care about as life is short.


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