Happy Holidays

It’s a Thursday night in Nairobi. As usual for most drinkers all they can think of is K1. But for me at 11pm on a Thursday night I am in a salon fool of women at re-insurance plaza, getting a pedicure and a manicure. Who wants to look all rough this December? It’s also a good way to welcome January suffering that always follow looking lit. Another advantage of going to salon late at night is the things you hear. Some stuff makes your solitude more bearable as you realize after all nothing beats your solitude when it comes to peace of mind. But before you win your next debate, debating if men should get pedicure and manicure, you should first see my legs and hands; they look great and that what should matter.


411 for last night was about how men are insecure. Even though I wanted to disagree with that notion, what followed next did put everything they said in context. One of the ladies whose hubby lives in Qatar called wanting to find out if she was home. At first I thought what a gentleman, to call miles away to find out if his wife is home safe? But before even that notion could grow root in my head the lady went ahead and lied to the husband that she was in Ngara heading home. I was amazed, why should she lie to a caring husband? Her answer left everything that makes you want to smoke weed knowing very well it’s not a good idea. In simple term the hubby was insecure. And as misery loves company within an hour all the ladies in the salon received a call from their husband. The saddest part is none of them thought of the call as sign of love, caring or concerned and did I say love? Saitan is real. But that is the story for another day.


After getting done at the salon, it was time to hit the road heading to K1. K1 is the  place to be for reggae nights. You don't have to love reggae to go there, there is more than reggae taking people there and the reasons vary from one soul to another. For me I always go for the show. Creators art is on display, all you have to do is look while shaking your head to free up song blasting from the speakers. Trust me there is lot of stuff that we need to be freed from but the way things looks; we have a while before we are really free. Spending a night in K1 on a Thursday night is always an awesome experience that you can only experience in person. If you have a spare Thursday night especially not holiday season pay them a visit. 


Note: with all diasporans on holidays trying to outdo each other twenging, the place gets so crowded like no one business, and as you know What’s Capacity limit again?


To all those lucky to celebrate the holidays, I am wishing you the best of holidays and stay safe. Lets all embrace the spirit of giving and receiving. 


Happy Holidays


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