Moments Worth Waiting

There are many things in life worth waiting for. Love or this year KCSE exams aren’t one of them but let us not go there. We had to wait for three days to have a glimpse of a rhino, which is the most sought after animal in Maasai Mara by visitors. For that to happen we had to endure hours of driving, lost sleep as we had to get up early in the morning to go for a game drive and at other time my driver would get calls from other drivers that they have seen the pembe (how tour drivers refers to the rhino) only to get there a little bit too late.


Today we had given up on ever spotting the rhino; we were on our way back to Nairobi when the driver received the sighting call. We turned and headed to the location only to get there and find other drivers and their guest stranded as the big boy had disappeared in the bushes. A few minutes into waiting our driver was growing impatient and urged us to leave as we were getting late and one of us had a flight to catch in Nairobi.


As he was about to start the car I pleaded with him to wait five more minutes and then we could leave if there was no sign of the rhino. As the clock was ticking down on my five minute, out of no where the big boy emerged from the bush unperturbed by multitude of cars with passengers armed with all kinds of cameras ready to take a snap. Armed with my Camera I took hundred of snaps of the big boy walking majestically between the cars paying zero attention to us.


For me with every push of the shutter button I was satisfied. The moment I had waited for was here with me and at that very moment I was soaring to the sky. Being able to capture all the big five was magical and I could now brag that I had a fabulous year. How was your year?


As I lock the door behind my year, I take this opportunity to thank everyone for putting up with my madness and I wish all of you a productive 2017.




Happy New year.

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