Wait On Time

Everyone was starring at me with horrified looks on their faces. For some reason I could not stop laughing. I was at a funeral of a guy who died after falling in a ditch returning home from his drinking spree. This was not the first time he had fallen in a ditch returning from drinking; it had happen so many other nights only that this last time his luck ran out. I was laughing so hard not because I didn’t respect the deceased (but who said dead people need respect, I am sure they don’t give a F*** about shit. They are dead after all) but because of the deception that was in display. Everyone who spoke including the church minister had praise and wonderful thing to say about a guy who I honestly think he had outlived his usefulness; the deafening wailing and ocean of tears being shed by people who barely knew or cared about a guy who had decided to self destruct instead of taking care of his kids and family.


So last night I could not stop giggling when I walked in the streets and later when I sat down and scrolled through the feed of my social media pages. The lies and deception like the one from the dead guy funeral came back to life. It was valentine day (I wish people would take time and learn about its origin) and there was plenty display of affection everywhere. The sad part is that the only people who this day truly meant something to are the businesspersons who sell flowers, candies and teddy bears.


The horrifying part about valentine day was that most people who expressed how much they loved each other were just putting a front. The only reason they did what they did was to fit in a box that society expect them to fit in and not be left out. Honestly last night was the last time for the rest of the year that most couple will spend some quality intimate time with their partner, will hear the words “I love you” from their partners, will receive a gift or card and more so they will be seen together without their being a function taking place that they both need to show up together. But enough with deception and fakery at least the sponsors, sponsee, mafisi, side kicks, sugar daddies, hookers and sugar mummies alike can go back to what they do best.


 There is no grave that can hold our bodies down. For that we should not be scared when will that day come, instead we should focus on living. Life is so bright no wonder no grave can accommodate our bodies. Although life is full of up and down, heartache, worry, uncertainty, injustice and suffering which no words can describe we should all refuse to let all that put a spell on bright future ahead of us. This life gives us a million reasons everyday to pack our bags, give up, grow weary, and loose the little faith we hold on to. Despite all the million reason we should not give up, let the faith go neither grow weary until it gives us one very good reason why we should give up. Life with all its up and down still provide us with the opportunity to make things better, pull each other up, put a smile on each other face while at the same time cultivate an environment that we would like the future generation to thrives in.  


At the very moment we at that stage that demand each one of us to use our not restricted good will to put an end to the suffering, injustice and horror that our fellow human being face in the hands of their oppressors whoever they maybe. From the states where the current regime is hell bent on breaking up families to our own land where our fellows are being discriminated for just being of different tribe, religion or region all in the name of security. Where the poor are being denied the care they need just because they are poor, where children’s and mothers die in the sea because they don’t look or speak like us, where families are dying of hunger because they don’t vote for the government, and so many ills that take place daily. We all have choices to both stand back and just watch or to stand up and be counted in this fight for a better and more equitable tomorrow.  


As Martin Luther said "It may well be that we will have to repent in this generation. Not merely for the vitriolic words and the violent actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence and indifference of the good people who sit around and say, "Wait on time." Are you a victim of "wait on time" if yes it is not too late to wake up and speak about the injustice that are going on from north to south and east to west.


Today is them and we refuse to stand and speak for them, who will stand for us when our time comes?



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