I Wanna Fall In Love

I want to fall in love again. It has been over three decades and I have had a chance to love many things. Many of love have turned up really good but with the same breath most of them has left me broken into pieces. I am tired of being in the cold; even though I am still fearful of the wicked games you play with my emotion and mind. Despite the lies, the heartache, pain, and broken promises I am willing to look inside you through the stain and through the cracks and with all the darkness this moment brings I am willing to forego the bad and concentrate on the good because there is a lot at stake if I don’t fall in love with you again.


I have experienced the good things your love can do but I am not oblivious of the harm you are capable of. I am willing to bury the past and give you another opportunity. I am really hoping this time no more broken promises, no more wicked games and no more excuses why you could not love me as you promised, why your love didn’t change my life, my economy and created a fertile ground for my kid to prosper. I cant handle another lie, more wicked game, another broken promise but I got give you a chance because you are my only hope for a better future.


All I want is for you to keep your word, don’t take me for a fool, and more so do what you say and stop with the games. Politics I will have to fall in love again within you. Not loving you is proving to be a very costly and dangerous at the same time. I promise to get involved with you at every level for the sake of future no matter the games, broken promises, and all the lies. For better or worse I am sticking with you. I will fight everyday for a better you, to keep you accountable and to never allow my emotion and heart think for me again. Politics I promise to always love you even though I would prefer to have not to love you.


“There's no such thing as a vote that doesn't matter.”

Barack Obama



Maa Sai

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