I was reading one of the local daily and there was a story about how so many people lost money on Ponzi scheme kind of a deal. But what saddening is not their loss but how on earth could so many people make such a decision that will end up messing their finances. The more I try to think about it I keep coming up to this conclusion that it must be a case of Chainitis (don’t bother looking it up I just invented the condition) because there is no way all those people could have thought independently, evaluated the scheme independently, and made the decision to invest on their own.


Chainitis is a condition that people suffer once they have been chained by other peoples views, thought, opinion, culture, believes, religion and so on that it becomes impossible for them to think independently. In other words it’s a phenomenon where people live by acting on other people opinions, ideas, thoughts, believe and so on. The whole notion of having independent ideas, thoughts, believes, opinion and so on is thrown out of the door.


As I was thinking about this condition I remembered an incident that happened long time ago. In this particular incident one of my neighbor who used to be teacher lost her child to Malaria, which is easily treatable. What was sad about this particular incident was that the parents refused to take their child to hospital because their faith prohibited them from doing so and for weeks they watched and prayed as their kid was dying. The other day I went home and met the same teacher high as a kite, I could not stop wondering what happened to his faith? That he deeply believed to extend of loosing his child. What would have happened had he not believed in a faith that he was not the originator of its idea? Would his child be alive? Is he drinking himself to destruction because he found out he was duped to believe in a faith and he is now dealing with guilt? 


All of us have chains, chains which become as a result of our culture, believes, environment, education, religion and so on. Majority of us never get the opportunity to realize we are chained and so we go through out life chained to things we do not fully understand. The few who realizes the chain some willingly accept them while a minority makes it their life struggle to unchain themselves. The few who are able to free themselves from the chains are able to live a life of their liking because they are now able to form their independent opinion, thoughts, ideas, perspective, and so on about various things. 


One thing I can attest is that it’s possible to break out of the chains. But the challenge is surviving without the chains. In a world where you might find yourself the only one who think, feel, view or hold a different perspective about things from everyone one else can leave you feeling isolated, weird, and an outcast. If your will to remain unchained is weak the chances of you becoming chained again is a real possibility. If you cant stand stares, being the odd one out, feeling like an outcast and having to doubt yourself all the time chances are that you are going to chain yourself again. 


This explains why people jump from one bad idea, abusive relationship, bad jobs and so on to the next one with so much ease. In between those events they are able to unchain themselves and before long they find the heat of being the odd one out too much that they end up chaining themselves back to their old chains.


What chains are you struggling with? How badly do you want to break free? If there is will definitely there is a way so don’t give up.


Aluta continua to all of us who are unchaining ourselves one chain at a time.




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  • Githinji Kirigi
  • Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Very very true 💯 % , i was having a conversation in line with this article with my bro and i think you were eavesdropping!!! Thank God ive unchained myself from RELIGION!!!

  • DB cooper
  • Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

I am unchained. But still tame

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