Giving Thanks

Easter is over; at least the social media timeline can go back to normal. No more snaps of all the places people were vacationing will be filling our social media timeline. I have no problem with people travelling, holidaying and other shenanigans but what I have a problem with is when people need excuses to do so. But that’s debatable why people need such excuses but then that is a story for another day.


Before I continue, if you know that during the Easter period you had anything to do with bunnies, colored egg, or you participated in Easter egg roll and you aren’t German or British take a sit in the corner. I think you have more issues than I can address (“mwacha mila ni mtumwa”). Maybe in the meantime use Google or read on all those activities you took part in without questioning. For me I am still in my corner trying to understand the whole story of birth, resurrection and disappearance of Jesus who 3/4 of his life is unknown. All we know about Jesus is his birth, ministry, death, and disappearance. What did he do between birth and time he started ministry? He never did anything remarkable or scandalous during his early and teen years that were worth writing about?


So as this was Easter it was hard to miss a bible verse doing round on the Internet. I guess people become more religious during this time than all other time. The one that caught my attention was a verse from 1 Thessalonians 5:18 which states " Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus". My first reaction was forget it, if this is Gods will then let lightening strike me. How I my supposed to take a knee and say thanks God for the Facebook live shooter for killing that old guy and still be able to sleep at night. With all the evil going around in the world someone must be insane, uncaring, or extremely inconsiderate for even thinking to give thanks for all the evil unless you only care for yourself. I am sure critic will be up in arms claiming I cherry pick the bible; but if you don't then explain to me how this verse is possible.


As we go back to our daily hustle my only hope is that all you believers will at least walk in the shoes of the Jesus. Just as the woman in the bible who said he would eat from the crumbs that fall from the table, millions of families are ready to eat crumbs that remain of your vacations and travel. So be good and feed a starving stomach and while you are at it don’t hold back in dropping more goodies from your table be it your time, resources, finances, and anything else which can improve someone else life.



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