There is a story told about a kingdom where no single woman in the entire kingdom had ever been satisfied by a man. How sad is that for straight ladies? So one day the King was holding a meeting with his ministers and point men in his homestead; and in the midst of their meeting a woman came running into the gathering totally naked. During that era a woman exposing herself to the strangers was unheard of, a woman body belonged to her husband as it is today but let not get caught up in that. As usual the security detail hurriedly got up and as they were in the process of dragging the woman out, she started shouting on top of her voice “I have a problem and you are the only one who can assist”.


Him being the king and knowing very well he wields power to do anything, he ordered the security detail to let the woman go free so she could address her problem. Once the woman was free she proceeded to air her grievancesKing in my entire life and as it is the case with many other women no man has ever satisfied me. I am not going to put my clothes on until such a time that a man will satisfy me”. The king was taken back by the woman grievances. He glanced at the gathering to see if one of his point men and ministers would handle the issue. When no one offered to satisfy the woman; the king was embarrassed that for once he and his men could not solve an issue that seemed so easy.


To save face the king ordered all men in the kingdom to be called to a meeting. After all men had gathered in the meeting the king announced, “Any man who will satisfy this woman will be rewarded handsomely”. For a minute there was no one willing to take the challenge, then out of nowhere a man came in the front to take the challenge.  The woman and the man left and the following day the woman returned to the king palace fully clothed. When the king asked if the man had satisfied her she answered “yes”. 


What followed next the king summoned the man who had satisfied the woman to write about what he had done to the woman. After he wrote the script, it was published and a copy given to every man in the kingdom so that they will never have to witness another woman protesting for not being satisfied by a man. Years later all women in the kingdom were happy and word travelled far and wide which brought women from other kingdoms to their kingdom and as a result the kingdom ended up becoming one of the biggest and powerful kingdom of that era.


Today we live in a world that seem everything is outlined for us. Since conception there are path that are designed that you are expected to follow. These paths are not universal but they are dependent with your geographical region, environment, race, tribe or at most religion. The backlash that you might face makes us to follow such paths be it culturally, religious, tribal or anything else without questioning. This is the main reason why we are always silently asking ourselves “Why”. Why do I to believe in this God, Why do I have to get married? Why do I have to behave this way? Why do I have to act this way? Why can’t I be this or that? What has my gender has to do with what I can do or not? And many others that we find ourselves asking ourselves in daily basis but too scared to raise a voice to seek answers.


The answer to all those question lies somewhere between facing our fears and being rebellious. Once you are able to overcome the fear of being secluded, of being the odd one out, of being looked upon, and talked upon then you will have the courage to question. It’s only through questioning that you can find the answers. The process of question is what we term as rebellion. Being rebellious is having the courage to ask and say things that nobody dares say or ask either because it’s a taboo, its not manly enough, its unwomanly, and its forbidden either by our culture, tribe or worse religion.


The world we live today is habitable and more equitable because great men and women overcame their fear and become rebellious. Through their rebellion they forced change to happen, they disrupted what was considered normal, orderly or appropriate. There is certain sense of individuality, freedom and peace that come with being rebellious about the things that you think are oppressive or hinder you from becoming you. You can only become you when you have the freedom to live as you like, you are able to question the things you don’t agree with and you can change your circumstances without seeking approval from anyone.


What rebellion are you holding on to? Have you ever thought if you can overcome that fear and rebel what change will come out of it? Whose life you may change, help or save in the process? We all have that rebellious spirit in us, all we need is to find the courage to break out of the box we are imprisoned in to change our world. In the process of changing our world we might end up changing everybody world like the woman in that kingdom.


My hope is that this day you find the courage to rebel about the things you think are oppressive or unjust.




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