Are you in the race?

It’s one of those afternoons that you just feel like going into a bar, order a drink, stare at the waiter, and daydream all afternoon. You are in that state of loss of equilibrium; you are not sure of anything. On one side there is a sense of everything will turn out fine but even before you start celebrating that thought you get another feeling that everything might not be all smooth. A thought crosses your mind that the sense of calmness you are feeling is cozenage. And in that moment of incertitude you sip a drink from your glass and enjoy it as it goes down your throat.


Sometime last week I was having one of those moments, I decided to show up at my favorite bar to daydream. As I was drifting into my daydreams my friend showed up, apparently he too needed to daydream. As they say misery loves company; we sure did give it company that afternoon. In the discourse of our chatting my friend asked me “Does your character determine your success - I'm asking this because I have seen many people doing wrong deeds and still becoming successful than those who are hardworking and true to everything and everybody?


As I thought of the correct response I decided to share with him a conversation I had month ago with a friend who had political ambitions. I had then asked my friend a question that went like this: “Hey, tell me, if in your career it came to a point where you had to trample over someone for you to climb would you do it?” He gave me a serious look, contemplated and then he said, “If it is necessary to achieve my goal, then of course I will.” I was taken aback. He read my facial expression and said, “There is nothing to feel bad about. I have told the truth. I am driven by my goal. And anyone who is driven by a goal will do anything to achieve it.”


The night that followed I pondered over his response and it occurred to me that for him it was a ‘come-what-may kind of a goal. He was clear. He had defined success in terms of achieving his GOAL. He valued achievement of his goal more than anything else. For him it was not about good or bad kind of a thing. He had made a choice to succeed in his goal no matter what the cost was.


One thing I have learned is that what separate successful people from the rest of the people is that they are not conditioned to think that -" Nice people finish last." They have realized so-called “nice people” don’t finish at all because to begin with they are not in the race of success. For most of us success is more about internal bliss & satisfaction than achieving Goals.


Are you in the race?



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