Memories of ten years ago still linger in my mind as if it happened yesterday. I have tried to shake it off but it has proven to be a struggle. If we were born in a different address and gone through what we went through that fateful year, together with millions of other Kenyan we would have all ended up with some form of treatment for PSTD but fortunately or not we were born here for some reason.


I have passed out once since I was born. That was in 2007 when I was sent to a scene where fire had burned a church. All I remember from that day were burnt bodies that filled what was once a church. I held up my tears as I struggled to walk away from the scene but somehow my legs were giving up on me faster than I could walk away. Step by step I controlled myself from breaking down. Step by step I controlled the content of my stomach from coming out because that could have been disrespect to those who had lost their lives. Step by step I tried to make sense of the situation to no avail, and when my legs could no longer hold my body I passed out and that’s all I remember.


What followed was a moment of darkness, both to those who had perpetrated the heinous act and those who were their victims. There was silent from those who had plunged us to darkness and more so from those we had hoped would stand up and shone some lights into the darkness. But piece-by-piece our friends came to our rescue and slowly made us understand what we had done to ourselves. Piece-by-piece our friends lifted our fears and gave us the courage to face our reality. Piece-by-piece we united and as one people we forged the way forward. Piece-by-piece we returned to normalcy. Piece-by-piece we committed to never go back by promulgating the new constitution.


Ten years down the line it seems that we have forgotten all the pieces we put together and why we did so. The same people who plunged us in darkness and ended up loosing 1500 of us and turning millions to refugees in their own country are back on it again. What’s frightening is that we are dancing again into their tune and being complacent. If we don’t sit down and remember our history is a matter of time before we are back where we were 10 years ago.


Remember ours is a society of have’s and have’s not. When the rubber hit the road that’s when we realize that our tribes, religion or political affiliation mean nothing. Before we drench our country with blood, ask yourself how many politician or their families have become victims. Most of us are pawns in a game of chase; we are dispensable. It is high time we endeavor to remember that we will continue to be pawns for politicians to achieve their ends and not ours. But there is hope since this can only happen if we give them our consent.


This goes to everyone, before you post your BS on social media asks yourself are you a pawn or not? And for my Diaspora people who think they can fuel the fire because they wont have to endure the heat, you are in for a rude shock because when everything goes south we will all suffer the only difference will be the intensity.



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