Happily Ever After

It’s finally the D-day. The day that we have all been waiting (when I say all ;I mean me, my spouse, my clan, my family, villagers, and strangers) as for me I have an idea why I was waiting for this day; but I cannot speak as to why the rest were waiting for this day. It has been a long a journey, a journey marked with endless meetings, planning, phone calls, text to friends and stranger asking for their financial support to make this day grandiose. Multiple whatsapp groups which some tried to leave with little success while other became prisoners in those group because they wont dare leave for fear of being branded uncool, unfriendly, mean or being perceived jealous of my impending happiness.


When all is said and done it was a beautiful day. Though at the expense of many people weather willingly or unwillingly. Saying ‘I do ‘was the epitome of the long journey. To this day I am not sure what I was saying ‘I do’ to. I keep asking myself was the  ‘I do’ to my spouse, my family, villagers or the endless social media post we are subjected to of people getting married or getting engaged.


The more I think about it, the more I am convinced I was saying ‘I do’ to my family and villagers pressure. I have been back here for about 750 days, in those 750 days I have been asked “Where are your peoples” or “when are you getting peoples” not less than 3000 times. No matter how strong my will can be about not to getting “peoples” there is no way I can stand such pressure. So me saying ‘I do’ on that day, I was saying it to all the people who have been pilling up pressure on me, I have finally accepted to get married for them.


At Other time I’m tempted to think maybe I said ‘I do’ due to all the glamorous life I see posted daily on the social media by my friends. Either they are getting married or getting engaged. The phrase “happily ever after” that depicts such posts is such an allure that is very hard to ignore. Who doesn’t want to live happily ever? Me being a utilitarian does not make the situation any better.


Been married for sometime now, I still think I was much happier when I was single. But the jury is out there on how true that is.


With that being said, the worst part is that tomorrow I will still have to endure questions about “peoples”. I will still be in the market whatever that means because I doubt I want to be owned or to own someone. My family and villagers will still be hopeful that I will offer them an opportunity to go bargain for a bride. Lastly I would still not be part of the “happily ever after” gang, which in turns means I might never know what happiness is.


Till things change stay happy.




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