Not once did ever thought a cock was capable of turning anyone night into a nightmare. There are lots of thing that can give you sleepless night but certainly not a cock. For the last couple of nights, my nights have gone from peaceful to unbearable because of my neighbor cock.


As a ritual I refuse to sleep the same day that I woke up. With that being the case I always end up going to bed around 1 or 2 am in the morning. On the other hand my neighbor just returned from upcountry, with him he brought a cock. His cock seem to be all confused as it start to crow at one o’clock and does not stop doing so till around 6 in the morning.


Normal cocks crow at 3 am to wake people up for morning glory. Then it gives them time to take a nap after, and then it wakes them up again at 5 o’clock so they don’t oversleep. But my neighbor’s cock seems to have missed the memo since it craw nonstop from one o’clock and keeps going through out the night. This makes my nights a nightmare since I can’t fall asleep amidst the crows.


I am livin on a prayer with my fingers crossed hoping my neighbor will be kind enough to eat the cock. Usually I am not a playful person but for the cock I have my knee guard on hoping that today or the day after my neighbor will gather his wife and eat the cock.

Eating that cock will be a big relief and I can resume my normal nights. Until the cock is eaten, my nightmares are far from over.


How can a cock bother someone this much?



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